August PTO Meeting Minutes
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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Pelham Oaks Elementary PTO

General Meeting Minutes

8:15 in empty classroom


Attendance: Kim Cripps, Kathryn Esquivel, Kelly Windham, Aimee Pierce, Valerie Cockerham, Ashley Douglas, Shelley Griffis, LaTanya Dawson


President: Given by Shelley Griffis

·         Shelley is organizing a PTO social at a coffee house for parents during school hours on August 24

·         The president submitted a calendar of events for the Fall semester


Treasurer: Given by Kim Cripps

·         Kim presented a spreadsheet of Proposed Revenue & Expenses for July 2017-May 2018. She will update this for each monthly meeting.

·         She has asked to invest some of the PTO’s funds in an interest bearing account and is waiting on a response


Hospitality: Given by Aimee Pierce

·         Teacher appreciation lunches were discussed. The first lunch will be on September 8 pending approval by Mrs. Miller. The theme will be Brunch.

·         The first coffee/snack cart will go out on August 31.


Room Parents: Given by Stacy Figueroa

·         Stacy will make copies of foorms to give to the teachers to get their room mom info

·         She will make a class directory using the form given to parents

·         She will set a date for training room parents soon.


Volunteers: Given by LaTanya Dawson

·         LaTanya is in the process of organizing the volunteer forms and making a spreadsheet for each event to be sent to Shelley and other board members (fundraising, hospitality, room parents, etc.).  She has a lot of forms that have parents names and no students so she has no idea what grade they are in to ask for email address, etc.  I will try my best to have all of this organized and out by next Monday.


Membership: Given by Kelly Windham

·         Membership is looking good. The membership drive will run from August 14-September 15! Kelly and Ashley will purchase popsicles as they are teaming up on this event and working together. Will have a spirit basket giveaway as well.


Fundraising: Given by Kathryn Esquivel

·         She is getting ready for the Box Tops event. She is preparing sandwich bags with stickers on the front to be sent home. There will be an Alabama versus Auburn contest. Shelley will double check with Mrs. Miller about allowing a pizza party or popcorn party as a class prize for the winners.

·         Shelley will work on creating and sending out donation request forms for businesses and parents. She will need to get the form approved by Mrs. Miller before sending out.

·         Ashley and Shelley will visit businesses to get donations for Fun Run.

·         Ashley submitted all Fun Run t-shirt prices to Shelley. Shelley will look over prices and then will get the board to vote on which shirts to go with. 

·         A chairman for Spirit Sales is needed!

·         Shelley will get permission for a Spirit Sale table and membership table to have at front entrance during Open House on September 7. 

·         Start asking for coin machine so we can be prepared for the Coin Event in the Spring!


The PTO voted “Yes” for


·         A keypad for the doors leading from the cafeteria to the garden - will get exact price 

·         Gift cards for teachers ($50 for returnees, $100 for new) - $2350

·         Purchasing breakfast for teachers during summer meeting - $175

·         New mats for front entrance of the school - $442.11 x 2 = $884.22

·         Renewal of copier - $10,300    



Meeting adjourned at 10:00 am




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