New Student Registration

Required documents for Registration:

1. Birth Certificate
2. Social Security Number (Optional)
If giving your student's social security number we will need copy of Social Security Card or Tax Documentation with number.
3. Parent Identification
4. Alabama Immunization Form
5. 2 Proofs of Residency - Must have parent name, date and address on proof. Utility bills, lease or mortgage agreement/payment. (NO DISCONNECT NOTICES ACCEPTED). Please already have copied or be prepared to leave originals.
Lease or mortgage agreement/payment and or utilities - power, water, gas or cable bill with a current date)
6. Custody Papers if applicable


Guidelines for Proof of Residence:

Two proofs of residency are required. (Examples: Utility bills - power, water, gas or cable bill, lease or mortgage agreement/payment. NO DISCONNECT NOTICES ACCEPTED. Both must contain the parent/legal guardian's name, physical address and a current date. Please already have copied or be prepared to leave originals.

Acceptable proofs of residence (two required)

Utility bills or utility deposit receipt with occupant's name, address and current date

Lease (listing occupants)

Payment receipt for rent or house payment (must include address)

U.S. Government communication (such as social security, income tax, etc)


Reminder all must be dated within two months of submittal and contain physical address and parent/guardian name.